Sunday, March 2

I'm kinda having a dilema. I usually don't fret much about this sort of stuff, but I am today. I think that I've had too much time at home! LOL!! Tomorrow at work, our group is having a picture taken. I'm stressing out about what to wear. I've got a new burghandy skirt and top that is crinkly rayon and lace. I've had it for a while but haven't been able to fit into it - but now I can! YAY! Its really pretty, but now that I've tried it on, I wonder if I look like frump girl. Not sure if its the right outfit for the picture. I have other dresses, but don't really want to wear any of them for the picture - dunno why. This is definitely one of the reasons women drive men crazy and to be honest, I'm driving my self crazy.