Sunday, March 30

Well, my heart strings are no longer being tugged at as far as Kathy is concerned. Her and her hubby are back to their old tricks. Taking Mom's car, "just for a few minutes to go check on a friend of theirs" yesterday afternoon and not coming back until the wee hours of the night, leaving their daughter to be tended by my parents. No phone calls to say they'd be late, not answering the cell phone. Nadda. Mom and Dad were furious, and I do believe they may have really done it this time, at least I hope so. Act like children, be treated like children. Despite Kathy being almost 40, she's acting like a selfish brat (which really she's done all her life except for a 15 year period when she was a grown-up, I don't know why we should expect differently). I guess Kathy was feeling well enough with her "hurt knee" to be galavanting around and DRIVING. I cannot believe that my Dad let them out of the house. I had a feeling she was really pushing this shit. Grrr. One more excuse to be a lazy ass and not take care of her child, cook her meals, or clean up after herself. OK - enough bitching! I watched the movie Signs last night. I thought it was even better the second time. Looks like it *might* be a beautiful day outside! Fingers crossed that I can head out to the deck and bask in the sunshine!