Saturday, March 29

My heart strings were tugged at today. My sister Kathy (who is not one of my favorite people) hurt her knee last Tuesday night. She's been hobbling about on crutches. Today she came out of her bedroom (I was upstairs making some lunch) and she needed to get into the bathroom, but Dad was taking a bath. She turned around, and was heading back into the bedroom when I hear a crash, boom and her screaming. She'd tripped on a blanket on the floor (where her husband Ellis was sleeping - the lazy ASS), and fell. I ran in there, there she was crying in pain, and that asshole husband of hers was not even budging to help her. He just laid there. I was furious. I was about to tell him to get up and do something, then the phone rang, and Kathy thought it might be the doc so she asked me to answer it, and it was the doc. The pain pills she's taking were making her sick, and he needed to know where to call in other pain meds. I asked Kathy if she knew the pharmacy number, and she didn't, so I told Ellis "to get off his ass and get the number" (first words I've spoken to the man in well over a year). I didn't even care that the doctor could hear what I said to Ellis. tee hee I don't think Ellis was too happy with me, but that's tough shit. There his wife is on the floor in pain and he's not doing a damn thing to help. I could have strangled him. I felt so bad for Kathy, she really needs to get rid of this loser. I admit, despite all my bitching about Kathy, I do still love her. She still is my sister. I want her to be well again, I want her to be able to get a job and do what she's meant to do, to strive to be a better person and take care of her daughter.