Thursday, March 6

Woohoo - its nearly time to go home! My week has almost come to an end. I had a really productive day, and it feels sooooooo great, I can't even tell ya. I still haven't had to take a pain pill today, even though I suspect I over did things a smidge and will later. I got everything unpacked as well as finished my monthly status report and some other little projects. My boss really kept me hopping this morning with things he needed done, since he's gone next week. The Timster is a funny guy. Now that he's in a cubical with me, he's so much chatty than he was when we were in seperate cubes. But I really need to make sure he's talking to ME and not muttering something to himself. LOL! He cracks me up. One other good thing about him being in this cube, is that Greg isn't driving me nuts. Greg has Timster to talk to and "discuss" things with now... such deep thinkers these two. I'm off like a dirty shirt! Have a good night everyone!