Saturday, March 1

I'm bushed! I got up early and did my cleaning! YAY! I took it slow and easy, and didn't do a completely thorough job, that will have to wait until I'm feeling better. After I cleaned, Mom and I went to run errands and had a nice day out. It feels sooooooo great to be able to be out and about somewhat. Its so hard being cooped up for so long. We first went to lunch, to the restaurant that my sis Susie works at, and I had a really yummy hot ham and swiss sandwich and a salad. It was heavenly. Then we went to Sam's Club where we covered the majority part of the store, cart was full and I came out only spending $65 and Mom only $40. Then we made our way to the pharmacy, then to the fabric store. Mom wanted to get some fleece to make a couple of blanket throws. These throws she makes are so cute and so easy! No sewing required! She takes the ends, and cuts about 1 inch wide by 3 inches deep, then ties little knots in the strips (close to the blanket, not the edge). I saw a gorgeous peach piece that I felt like I needed to have so I bought me some. The girl that cut the fabric had all the warmth of a a wall-eyed-pike, but Mom and I just ignored her. We snooped around the store a little bit, then went to check out. The same girl checked us out. Mom went first, then she went off and was looking at some decorations while I paid. I put mine on a credit card, and signed the receipt. Then all of the sudden this woman comes up behind me and starts complaining that she'd been over charged. The cashier started talking to this woman (didn't say "I'll be right with you to this woman while she finished with me), as she gave me my card and receipt, which I put in my wallet. Fine. But she hadn't bagged my fabric, said thank you, come again, or anything. She turned her whole attention to this woman. I got so mad! I reached over the counter, grabbed a sack and bagged my fabric. In doing so, a receipt blew onto the floor. The cashier said, "Oh, here's your receipt." Didn't say sorry for the interruption, sorry for not bagging your fabric. Squat. I put the other receipt in my bag and turned to the lady behind me and told her that she needed to wait her turn, and I stormed out. I heard the cashier say "Oops" as I was leaving. Mom asked me what happened so I told er on the way to the car. Now - here's my deal. I got home, took the receipt out of my bag and guess what... it was the store's copy! Now... should I be nice, call the store and tell them I have their receipt or just blow it off? The transaction went through, they have my number... hmmm... decisions, decisions. If I do happen to call, I could tell the manager how crappy both Mom and I were treated so that could be more fun than just keeping the signed receipt. Hmmmm... *snicker* All I know is I'm not wasting my precious time and energy to take the receipt to them - if they want it they can come and get it. I used to work in a fabric store - for 4 years as an assistant manager. I've done my time in retail and know how difficult it is to work with the public... but then again, most people are really great and don't make life hell. I also know that you should always be as courteous and friendly to the customers - that's the number one rule. OK... done ranting... We carried onto Walmart where I spent another $65 on groceries. Then I had to come home and put everything away - the really fun part. I think I best not do anything else the rest of the night, just rest and watch some TV... maybe work on my cozy new fleece blanket! Have a great night!