Thursday, January 9

Yesterday was nuts. I did actually get a lot done at work, went and got all my errands ran. Getting the sticker for my car only took 5 minutes! It was a miracle! Then I went to my doc appt and learned how to give myself shots! YAY! I did really good! I'll give myself two shots every Wednesday. I'll have to mix the medication with water because its in a powder form within the vile. Kind of interesting how I do it... I just hope I can do it by myself next week. I'll give the shots to myself either in my tummy (where I did yesterday) or in my thighs. I got back to work, had my meeting, sent the report off to my boss for his review, then got sick and had to come home. When I got here, Mom and Dad were also sick - I guess its a bit of a stomach bug along with my stomach stuff I already have, I was miserable and in bed by 4:15! LOL!! I slept for a couple of hours, then was awake for a while then went back to sleep. Had a pretty restless night. I hate being sick. I got up this morning, and felt rotten still, so I thought it best if I stay home. I did get showered and ran to work to get my financials that I need to finish, and some CDs and the labels for the workshop next week, so I can work a bit here at home and get my stuff done! I won't feel as guilty for being home if I'm doing something! LOL!! As I came home, Mom was in the kitchen and told me that Ellis had to take my sister Kathy to the hospital last night. She's losing it. She's threatening suicide and having severe anxiety attacks. They had to give her shots to calm her down, then they sent her home. Mom said they may have to admit her into the hospital today. She's been going to therapy twice a week, once by herself, and once in group therapy and has been back on her medication for about 3 months. She's come home both times this week really upset. Mom told me that she is really freaking out about her situation, not working, having a child to raise, having to live here with Mom and Dad, etc., She's manic-depressive. I know she's ill. I feel terrible about saying what a bitch and how horrible she is, because the probably half of it is the illness. She just needs help. Being put in the hospital may be the best thing for her right now, and I've thought that in the back of my mind for some time. They're going to decide what to do when she comes out of the medication. Its probably a good thing I'm home, so I can help with the baby if they need me to. I'll be fine as long as there's not a "muddy" messy diaper! I don't deal well with that normally but with how my stomach is today, it wouldn't take much for me to lose it! LOL!