Monday, January 6

OK - one more bitch... first of all, I went into my database and there is a feckin' 60 records to insert. UGH! Hello, its Monday. Usually I only have 40 on a Monday. Shit. I'm only on 5 of the 60 and already I've come across 2 people that don't know the difference between PREFIX and SUFFIX. THAT is one of my pet peeves. All together now, PRE means BEFORE and SUF means AFTER. Come on people! Yes my name is Jr. XXXX XXXXXX Mr. Dorks. (not directed at any of you - I'm venting here! LOL!!) Now, this is the kicker. One person doesn't know the difference between FIRST and LAST name. They put their first initial in the last name, and last name in the first name. I really worry about people. How did I know this? Their e-mail address. OK... so maybe I'm not done being grumpy! No I am... really. I'm feeling mucho betta!