Friday, January 31

Yawn! I got up about 4am and took a pain pill, then went back to bed for 3 hours! Felt good to sleep in, especially with the pain pill working a bit. Still a bit in la-la land but moving about easier. I'm going to do a little cleaning but not going to over do. I'm washing all my bed linen, including the waterbed mattress cover. I probably should have waited another week or so to do that, because with my hands hurting its gonna be hell putting the mattress cover back on. Ah well... Looks like my weekend isn't going to go as planned. Kathy doesn't want to go to Idaho with the parents. Mom feels bad, because I actually cried like a boob last night when she told me that Kathy wasn't going. Just all my emotions busted out. I'm so tired and feeling rotten and was really looking forward to a weekend all by myself to re-energize and to run around naked if I wanted to. *snicker* Now I've got to deal with Kathy without Mom and Dad around and I really don't think I can handle it. Even though I live downstairs, I still have to go upstairs to eat and I'll have to see her messes up there which is a real sore spot with me. I can't stand messes. Mom is the same way and cleans up after her. Me on the other hand refuse to clean up after her - she's such a pig. There's still a small chance Kathy will go - Mom was going to ask her again, but I doubt it. I'm really surprised that she's not going, because with her not going with Mom and Dad, she's losing her permanent babysitters and will have to care for the baby 24 hrs a day... which worries Mom too. Mom said Ellis is supposed to help out, but he doesn't do much but make more messes. Sigh. Shit. Damnit - I'm losing the nice goofy effect of the pain pill now just thinking about all of this. LOL!! I gotta get my ass busy anyway and maybe can work off some of my emotions. I'm really OK, I'm just hugely disappointed and now the lovely weekend I was looking forward to has been blown to hell. I'll try and make the best of it. I'll just lock myself away down here and pretend Kathy and Ellis don't exist.