Friday, January 10

I did the dumbest thing this morning! I checked my e-mail from work (that wasn't the dumb thing...) and I got the invoice I was waiting for, so I reconciled it, and set to enter the data in my financials. Like a ninny, I took the original file from the CD I'd brought from work, and saved it to my hard drive, replacing the one file I did all the balancing on yesterday!!! Yes, I said the word Fuck. Now I've got to go and re-do it all! Sheesh... oh well, at least I know it balanced yesterday so now I get to do it again. I've just got home from my doctor's appt. I was quite impressed with Nate, the Gastro PA (I think its physician's assistant). He didn't keep me waiting long - which in my book is great, then he asked me all sorts of questions about what's been happening. He said he thinks I've got some sort of colitis or a severe infection. So, I've got to take yet another totally embarrassing and degrading sample in on Monday. I have also been scheduled for a lovely test on Feb 4 for the lower GI and another one on Feb 20 for upper GI where they will stretch my esaphagus too because I've had problems swollowing so they'll do that while they're in there. I will be put out for both of these tests, thank God! But will only be off of work the one day. Nate also gave me some medication to help me. YAY! I haven't tasted the stuff yet, so I shouldn't be saying YAY quite yet, but if it helps me, I'd drink mud with worms in it even. tee hee Hmmm... maybe I'll re-think that! Oooh! I've got to get my hair done this afternoon! Sheesh! Here I am in another set of comfy flannel PJ bottoms and sweatshirt thinking I was in for the day. I'll work on my financials for a bit then get dressed again... damn it!