Friday, January 31

I feel really bad. Mom and Dad had to cancel their trip to Idaho. Mom was really looking forward to it and I hate to see her disappointed. I'm relieved that they're not going though to be honest, I just couldn't face the weekend alone with K & E. But I still feel bad for Mom... she said they'll go in the next month or so and things will probably work out better anyway. She was feeling guilty about not being home on Sunday for my b-day. So I guess things have worked out for the best. My Dad's twin sister Joannie and her husband Ted came up from Salt Lake today to go to lunch with Mom and Dad and I was invited. So... who am I to pass up an invitation to lunch? Joannie is such a sweet lady. She reminds me so much of my Grandma, I found myself tearing up a couple of times because I miss her - I miss both my Grandmas - and Grandpas of course! My Dad is so much like his Dad so its funny that he and Joannie are twins, yet so much like each one of their parents. Lunch was nice, we met at the diner where my sister Susie works. I had breakfast! Yummy! My visit to my general doctor went well. He was glad I came in because of the concern about my blood pressure dropping. So he's put me on half the dose that I was on. He gave me more pain pills - YAY! He actually was surprised that I hadn't asked for any before now (Oct 2001 was the last prescription!). I just don't like taking them unless I really need them. I don't want to become addicted, that happens too easily. I still have quite a few percocets, but I'm flushing them (oh the horror, I know!) because 1) they're over a year old and 2) they make me sick and 3) its not good to give these things away to people. I was talking to Susie about it this afternoon on the phone and she told me not to let Kathy get wind that I've got them or she'll want them. I laughed and said the reason I still have some is that she didn't know about them - or actually where I keep them! Kathy actually found my hiding place once and stole a bunch of Xanax from me, but since I put a REALLY nasty note where they were hidden and found a new place, nothing has been touched. My doctor also gave me something new to try for my RA, in place of the Celebrex, but I got thinking about it and I don't think I better take it until I talk to my RA doc about it on Wednesday. Since I'm on the clinical trial, I don't want to do anything that would mess with the results. BUT after he sees the condition of my joints, he may pull me off the study anyway since things have gotten worse. I have my idea of why things have gotten worse though, and they involve one of the meds I was on for 2 weeks. It was an incredibly beautiful day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept thinking, this can't be January 31. It just can't be. It was 65 F!! Sooooooooo sunny and gorgeous!!!! When I got home this afternoon, I actually got a blanket, spread it on the deck and read for a while. Spring Fever big time! Even though its been such a mild winter for us, I'm still finding myself having the winter blahs. I want to see GREEN, I want to hear birds chirping, the whole nine yards. ahhhh... but alas, this will not last long. A storm is headed this way. Happy weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!