Thursday, January 30

My weekend has begun! YAY! The week went amazingly fast when I look back. Today was a lot crazier than I thought it would be, but it worked out OK. I got quite a bit done. Monday is going to be busy, busy, busy but I'm trying not to think about it. I want to enjoy my weekend. I'm so glad that I was able to work my 40 hrs this week, and not take any sick leave. Next week will be a different story with the the other scope I'm having on Tuesday, then my RA doc appt on Wednesday. I'm so lucky to have health insurance. I'm scared to find out how much my portion will be for the scopes though! My boss told me that I could bring some work home on Monday night to work on Tuesday before I go in for my scope, that way I won't have to take so much sick leave. Yes, I *could* work next Friday to make up the time, but I doubt I will want to. This morning, I forgot to write about the nice surprise I had in my cubical! Debi (one of the sweetest ladies on this earth) had put little birthday cake confetti on my desk with a note "Happy Birthday on Sunday!" Then there was a big ribbon on my monitor, and a pretty gift bag with a card. The gift bag contained a gift certificate so I get to go shopping. YAY! Its to a store that has the cutest sweaters, and I seem to be addicted to sweaters and Debi knows this. My two favorite cardigans have come from her and that store. Sandi came to see me after lunch. She came into my cubical with the most sad look on her face, like the world was falling apart. First thing she said was how sorry she was. I had no idea what she had to be so sorry about! Then she said she felt awful because she'd left my gift at home. I just laughed! I wasn't expecting anything and I told her she didn't have to get me anything... but she said she wanted to. Anyway, I told her Monday would be fine! Even my family isn't celebrating my b-day until Monday. So its no big deal. When I got home today, I found a box from on my bed! Yipeee!! Something from Emma and Pete! I've also had a big box sitting on my floor for the past 2 weeks from Colin and the Lovely D. How sweet are my friends?! You all are spoiling me! I'll behave though - and not open them until Sunday morning. I am so looking forward to the weekend. Mom and Dad are going to Idaho, and I'm HOPING and PRAYING that Kathy and the baby go with them. That would be the BEST birthday present ever. To have total and complete peace and quiet. To have a total KAREN weekend, a do whatever the fuck I want weekend. To not have to deal with Kathy and her shit. If she goes to Idaho, then her husband will NOT be staying here. I don't trust him and I refuse to stay in the house with him without Mom and Dad around. I hope it works out!! I soooo need a Karen weekend. OK - I'm beat! I'm gonna go get comfy and watch 4 episodes of Days of Our Lives that I taped! G'Night!!