Tuesday, January 28

I'm in a better mood today! My RA isn't hurting me quite as bad - to be honest it was really painful to even type yesterday but my fingers are feeling a lot better today. I'm here at work, trying to get in the mood to do some work. Yesterday was Mom's birthday. Sunday I made a big pan of lasagna for her dinner last night, and I went home an hour early to get it into the oven and get the rest of dinner ready. Well, I got home and Mom had baked her peach cobler (her chosen b-day treat) and turned the oven off. Well, when I went to turn the oven back on, nothing happened. But of course I didn't even realize it until 30 mins later. Dad checked the ignitors and the broil came on, but not the baking one. Gas wasn't even coming through. So, dead oven. We ended up ordering Pizza Hut! LOL! It was good though. Mom and I joked around and said that now we could put the lasagna in the freezer, then have it for my birthday dinner! Not a bad idea actually, but she said she may not be able to wait that long if the oven gets repaired. It was a nice night. My brothers, a couple of their kids, and sister Susie came over. Kathy, her so-called husband Ellis and their baby Elyssa weren't there (which I loved), but they should have been there for Mom. Supposedly Elyssa had her physical therapy appt, Kathy had her "therapy" appointment and Ellis went along. They were gone all afternoon. Finally about 7pm, when the party was winding down, Kathy finally called and said "I'm filling out paperwork and will be home in a while." What a load of BS. They disappear like that all the time, and always have some lame excuse about where they've been - in MOM's car. Just goes to show just how selfish they are - to miss Mom's party. Anyway, I think Mom enjoyed it. Susie and I bought Mom a bubblegum machine. She's wanted one for years and I found one in a catalog and ordered it for her. She was soooooo excited!!! She laughed and got tears in her eyes. That made me feel good. This machine takes money so now she can make some money to buy more bubblegum AND perhaps a treat for her. OK... me best get to work now! Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!