Monday, January 6

I was in quite the grouchy state this morning. Seemed like every little thing irritated the hell out of me. Even my cat who was in a whiny-assed mood. She wanted to come in right after I got out of the shower and let all the cold air in while I was drying off, then I closed the door again, and she sat there and meowed and meowed (she doesn't like being shut in) but though shit, she wanted to come in! Then I finally opened the door back up when I had my robe on and was dry. Then she kept bugging me, wanting her morning treat. UGH! She knows the routine! Not until after I get my contacts in and hair out of the towel...sheesh! Then a few minutes later, she was meowing at the door to go upstairs... I guess she was thinking she was going to get yet another treat from the fridge... wrong. She had her treat! I petted her for as long as I could, so I don't know what her problem was. Then the kitchen door (that leads out to the garage) was open. The lock was set, but the door was open. Now I can think of 2 jackasses that would have left it open, one of them I saw come out of the bathroom out of the corner of my eye while I was in the kitchen. The no-good Ellis, what a horrid sight to see first thing in the morning. THEN someone fucked with my mirror on my car door. GRRRRR! Then, every idiot that was out at 4:30 am, came across my path as I was driving to get gas, then no decent tunes were on the radio. After I got gas, I didn't run into any more idiots. LOL!! I hate Mondays. I'm feeling better now. I had to deal with the color printer this morning, but to my pleasant surprise, no problems. So hopefully today won't be too bad from this point forward. Today is the only day my boss will be in the office for the next two weeks so I'll be busy I'm sure! Have a great Monday everyone!!!!!!!!!!