Tuesday, January 21

Its been a pretty good day today. I'm exhausted and feeling a bit sick, but nothing compared to the last few days. The doctor's office called to ask if I could come in early on Thursday, 6:30am vs. 9:30am. Hell yes!! Anything to get this over and done with. They also went over all the instructions with me for my yummy clear liquid diet tomorrow and my adventure tomorrow night. Those of you who have had a colonoscopy will probably know what adventure awaits me, I can only imagine and its not going to be fun. I guess I'll take a book with me! LOL! I've been working on getting some workshop materials ready for a workshop coming up in February. I'm working with the sweetest man (Dr J.) He is such a pleasure to work with, his materials are in such good order and on time!! He's even sat and chatted with me about my trip to England. He saw the pics on my screensaver and asked about it. He and his family have been there several times, and loved it just as much as I did. I'm pretty much done printing the materials, and am working on some materials for the workshop CD. Hopefully I'll get it finished up tomorrow. The Timster will be back tomorrow! He's been gone since Jan 7, so it will be good to have him back. Well, 30 minutes left and I'm outta here and going home! Have a nice night all!