Saturday, January 25

I just love Saturday mornings. Its MY time to catch up on all the blogs I read that I don't get a chance to read much during the week. While bloghopping this morning, nearly every time I go back to my site to get to the next link, a pop up window for Clicksites (to search the web) comes up - I'm about to go apeshit on it! WTF?! I really, really, really hate pop ups! I know - there are programs out there that will stop them, I just need to invest in one. Me thinks I'm cranky today. My joints are beyond sore and have been getting steadily worse the past couple of weeks. I'm thinking that this may have been caused by the medication called Q something I was taking before my "test". I did some research on it, and it is for taking certain medications out of one's system - one of the medications it listed was Arava, which was one RA med that I had that bad reaction to a few months back. So, I think that it might have been taking my current RA meds out of my system ?? I haven't seen my finger joints this bad in months and they're waking me up at night because they hurt so bad. My left hip, left knee, left wrist, and both shoulders and feet are bad today too. I'm not taking the Q stuff any more, so I'm hoping things will get back on track. I suppose the joint pain could be complicated by the ulcerative colitis as well though, as that is one of the symptoms. So I just may be getting a double whammy. I don't have much planned today, just going to take it easy and catch up on the TV shows I taped during the week... and of course take me a nice nap!