Wednesday, January 15

Thank you all for the get-well wishes!!! I can't say my body is in better shape this afternoon, but my spirits sure are after reading all of your comments!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be around another day to visit all of you and catch up! *HUGS* Pam - Jello juice is just watered-down jello (drank warm!!). The gelatin settles the tummy and its easy to drink cuz its liquid. Sounds strange, I know... but it works - usually! I also heard back *finally* from the gastro doctor dude today too. I guess my message/plea for help got lost yesterday. Anyway, he told me to try the medication 2 times a day instead of just once. Hopefully that will do the trick or at least give me a little bit more relief. I'm supposed to call him on Friday and tell him how I'm doing. I'm hoping by then he'll have my first test results back too. I HATE being sick damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a total and complete waste of my time. I'm starting to feel like all I do is complain and I HATE that too! It will get better. It better get better! Grrrr! ;-)