Sunday, January 5

Oh, a bit of revenge and closure is sooooo sweet! I just finished a conversation with Jason. We (he and "Georgia") talked about how it is to be in unhappy relationships, mostly due to sexual incompatibility. I knew his background - or at least what he'd told me about his marriage so I embellished a bit. I didn't have to lie too much because I do know how being in a bad relationship feels (Robert, a few years ago). Anyway, he kept saying, "wow, I can't believe we have so much in common." Which he actually told ME before. Anyway, he asked me about my history with guys online. So I told him that recently a guy led me to believe that our relationship was going somewhere, had me really excited and looking forward to getting to know him better, etc., then all of the sudden he dropped me without a word and how shitty I thought that was. Then he said it. The thing I was waiting to hear to end this whole thing. Jason: "I wouldn't ever do that to you, that is really shitty." Me: "Oh really. Jason, you are nothing but a lying sack of shit. YOU did that to me. I'm not Georgia. You're a complete prick. You wouldn't know the truth if it slapped you in the face. Now tell me, do you have 3 kids or 2 kids? Are you really seperated or just getting your cheap thrills from talking to other women like this?" Jason: "You've obviously got me confused with someone else." Me: "No, I've got the right guy." Jason: "You said you were from Ogden?" Me: "Yes, I'm from Ogden and no, I don't have YOU confused with anyone else." Jason: "I haven't talked to anyone from Ogden for 18 months." Me: "Oh, I love the selective memory you have. Face it you shit, you've been caught. Tell me, how many women do you lie to every day?" Jason: "Who are you?" Me: "Well, if you can't figure it out, I guess you DO lie to so many women you can't keep us straight. But I guess having 5 identities on ICQ would be a bit hard to keep track of." Fuck off! I've deleted that ICQ identity and will delete my "fake" e-mail address. I feel sooooo vindicated! YES! Woohoo!!!!!!!!! He was a total waste of my time, but oh, how I enjoyed getting a bit of closure. I really don't get this type of revenge often at all! I usually let the universe take care of the scum. But when it comes to revenge and jokes - in a fun way, that's a whole different story! LOL!! Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!