Sunday, January 19

I've pretty much been a slug once again today. I'm having a bit of a better day today, although my blood pressure was down again but at least my stomach behaved for the most part. I watched some of my fav movies on HBO and Starz while taking little cat naps. Miss Congeniality, Fools Rush In, Serendipity, Just Visiting, and part of John Q. I taped John Q last night but didn't watch it all the way through yet. I'm so excited for the 2nd season premier of Coupling on BBC America tonight! YAY! I'm so totally addicted to this show! I keep seeing the advertisement for the 1st season being on DVD... maybe I'll finally have to break down and get me a DVD player! LOL! You'd think for someone as addicted to tv and movies as I am, I'd have one. Maybe my family will love me and pool their money to get me one for my birthday. A little bit of tension with Kathy and my parents today. It seems that my BIL's (Ellis) car blew up last night (after he *fixed* it) and Kathy had to go get him. She was gone a good 2 hrs, and Dad was pretty pissed so he called her (she had his cell phone) and told her to get her butt home. She told Dad that Ellis wasn't ready to come home yet, and Dad said, "Then leave him there and come home now." They weren't too happy about it *snicker* Isn't that a shame?! I went upstairs to fix me something to eat a little while ago, and walked in on Kathy and my Mom discussing it. Kathy was so mad, and saying things like "Ellis doesn't even want to live here, he thinks he's a bother." Ohhhh how much I wanted to say "Its about stinking time that he is seeing things correctly!" But I held my tongue out of respect for Mom (she's asked me not to get involved). I went back downstairs while my dinner was cooking, and went back up a few mins later and Kathy was packing up the baby and putting her coat on. Mom asked her where she was going and Kathy said "Out. Just out." Then walks out the door. Mom went into the living room to see exactly where "out" was and to make sure it wasn't in her car. Kathy actually had my ex-sister-in-law come and pick her up. Buh bye then. Kathy and Ellis just keep digging themselves in this hole, and soon no one is going to be there to help get them out. They're burning ropes all over. OK - enough bitching! LOL!! Tomorrow is another day off - YAYYYAYYAAYYAYA!!