Tuesday, January 28

I actually accomplished everything on my to-do list today at work! What a great feeling, now I can go home without thinking of all the things I'll need to finish tomorrow. I still have work to do, of course, but no little project hanging over my head. I even managed to do all my Tuesday memes. I'm so impressed with myself! I'm not up for much tonight, just going home, getting something to eat, checking e-mail and going to bed early to read or watch TV and hopefully will fall asleep early, a little extra sleep will do my body good. I went out to lunch with some girls and a couple of guys from work today. We had a lot of laughs. I ate more today at lunch than I have in about 3 weeks but still have half of it left, but that's OK, I'll have it for lunch tomorrow. That's about it for now... TTFN!!