Friday, January 17

I've really been out of it today! I just realized I did my memes but didn't post anything here. I've been lounging around, not feeling up to much. I managed to do some dusting and cleaned my bathroom - which took about 4 hours in all because I kept having to lay down. I just probably should have left it alone like I'd planned. Oh well... still have to deal with the vacuum at some point. It can wait. I called the gastro doctor's office this morning to let them know how I was doing. I told them that things had slowed down some, but the stomach cramps are awful. Nate (the PA) said that he got the tests back from earlier in the week, and everything is normal. No infections. Damnit. I was kind of hoping that's what was wrong. So now I really have to follow through with the colonoscopy and the down the throat one (can't remember what that's called). Nate also said "Something is really going on then." Ummm... Yeah... I wanted to say "no shit" but he was really concerned so I refrained. tee hee I wish I could say no shit! ROFL! OK - maybe that was a bit more than you wanted to know! Anyhooooooooooooo... my colonoscopy has been moved up to next week. Next Thursday to be exact. I'm scared but I also need to know what is wrong with me! I realized that I had a dentist appt the same day that next week, so I called the dental office to reschedule my 6 month check up. I feel bad that I won't get to see my hygientist Annette before she leaves to have her baby. We scheduled it last year just so I could see her before she left. The receptionist Diane gave me a bad time about needing to reschedule. So, I told her that I had some tests that had to be done that were a wee bit more important than getting my teeth cleaned. She persisted so I said, "I'll probably be home sleeping off the anesthetic, but if it was that important to her that I come in..." She said, "Oh, no! I didn't realize..." See mouth? Insert foot. *snicker* I hope it doesn't spoil her dinner. My nephew Adam is playing basketball tonight and I am not feeling up to going. I'm still so weak. I'm so bummed. I love watching his games. Sigh.