Friday, January 3

There was a 3.7 earthquake last night in a little town called Huntsville last night about 10pm. Huntsville is about 30 minutes from me, up the canyon and on the other side of Pine View Resivoir (see pics of the area on my Scenic Pics page in the Fall). I slept right through it, but Mom said it shook the whole house! LOL! My cat must have slept through it too, because she usually wakes me up when she's freaking out about something. I haven't heard of any damage yet, not very newsworthy I suspect. Its a good thing the dam up there didn't burst! That would be baaaad. The canyon and everything in it would be destroyed. This is a good wake-up call for all of us in the area. The Wasatch Front has a fault line that has been threatening to give way for years. Mom told me this morning that we should all get a 3-day emergency pack ready filled with clothes, medications, water, etc., in case we need it. I better keep something in my car trunk as well, you never know when you could be stranded somewhere.