Thursday, January 23

I'm overwhelmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the supportive comments and good vibes you all are sending me. I can feel them! I've been home for nearly 3 hours now, I took a nice nap and have just been resting. On the way home, my Mom and I stopped off at the diner where my sister Susie works and she fixed me a pancake and a scrambled egg (the nurse suggested it and it sounded incredibly good). Mmmm... tummy liked it very much indeed. The test went well - they gave me a shot in my IV, I closed my eyes and next thing I knew, they were taking the scope out. The staff was incredible and made me feel very comfortable. The best part (other than the drugs!) was a nice warm blanket they put over me. Ahhh. They explained everything really well, although I'm glad my Mom was there with me to hear the results with me because I was still a little out of it. I've got ulcerated colitis. My colon is very inflammed and irritated, and filled with fiberous and granual type stuff so they're doing a biopsy on that (not cancerous though!). The doctor said, "No wonder you've been so sick!" I still need to have the other scope done (down the throat) and he'll check for anything that could be complicating things. He's given me some pills to take 4 times a day that will hopefully try and calm my colon down and ease the inflammation. They took some blood to check my electrolite levels, etc., too so he's being very thorough. My very dear friend Colin called me just a few minutes ago to see how I was. YOU'RE the BEST, Colin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!!! (yes, I know, I'm racking up the demerits on the thank you's tee hee) OK... I think I'm going to go rest some more and watch Grumpy Old Men. I got the idea when talking to Colin, him saying they're having a heat wave in Boston today, up to 25. Then I got thinking of the song "We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave..." and that song always reminds me of the movie. So, there ya have it. Hmmm... me thinks I'm rambling. TTFN - and thank you all again!!!