Monday, January 13

This will come to a surprise to no one that knows me. I HATE MONDAYS! Work hasn't been too awful, but just having the "I hate Monday" mentality. I am here today under protest. tee hee I'll be in a workshop the rest of the week, so I do need to be here today. I'll be coming into work at my normal time for a couple of days, and working until its time to go to the workshop though so its not like I won't be here at all, but I'll be here when most everyone is not. Did that make sense? I think I'm rambling... Anyhoo... my friend Sandi has returned today from a month of being on vacation! YAY! It was so good to see her and to catch up. She's so wonderful and always makes me laugh. Our internet here at work has been hosed all morning, I've gotten a couple of messages on Yahoo IM, but they take so long to get to me (if I get them at all) and my messages aren't being received. Drives me bonkers. I know Yahoo is to blame sometimes but today was definitely our internet. So - those of you who sent me a message, I wasn't ignoring you!!! OK... will... get... back... to... work. UGH.