Thursday, February 6

YAY! My weekend is here. Whew, what a day. I managed to get everything done on my list to do! What a great feeling, nothing major hanging over my head on Monday. Wow, a Monday without a zillion things to do... unless something hits over the weekend. I had a great lunch with my friends today and thoroughly enjoyed the Mexican food. Savored every bite. I have 1 enchilada and half my rice and beans left for a treat tomorrow! Its funny, with how sick I've been, my stomach has really shrunk. I didn't eat a lot before, but now I can only eat half of what I did. But that's OK... will make it easier for more weight loss- but in a healthy way. I'm still in no way starving. My body is also starting to retain food better and I'm getting my strength back. We got the official word that we have to move offices (buildings actually!) in March. We'll move into one end of the building temporarily until the other end is finished with the remodeling. The powers that be want us out of our current building by the end of March. I have soooo much shit I've got to sort through, and hopefully can throw away a lot to make the move easier. They've shown a seating chart and I'm in a cubical with six seats in it. Two seats are sectioned off, and four are together. Tim, Greg and I will be together in a four and there's an empty seat so I'm hoping I can use that for storage because with all the customer service stuff and contract documentation, I'll need it. I came home today and got a lovely, one of a kind, wonderful birthday card from Maggie! YAY! Its so pretty and she made it just for me. Makes me feel very special. Thank you, thank you, thank you Maggie! I love it! Well, I'm beat... I'll read a couple more blogs and then I'm headed for bed! TTFN!