Saturday, February 22

I never would have believed it, but one water pill has made all the difference in the world. I am not nearly in the amount of pain than I have been. All the extra fluid in my feet/ankles was really causing problems. Although I'm peeing a lot, its nice to have a bit of pain relief. YAY! I hope this is a sign of really good things to come. Honestly I don't know how much more of the severe pain I could tolerate. I know that a lot of people in this world are a lot worse off than I am, and my heart goes out to them, both for their pain and for their courage to face each and every day. I'm siitting here eating fruit loops and watching The Incredible Mr. Limpet. I haven't eaten fruit loops in ages, but I had to buy them yesterday when I saw the toy offered inside: A bobble-head Winnie the Pooh. But wouldn't ya know it, its clear down at the bottom of the box. Which means I'll have to eat a lot of fruit loops to get him out. My goal for today is to go and visit everyone and catch up. Happy Saturday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!