Thursday, February 13

One hour left to go and then I can go home! I made it all day at work, YAY! I've done pretty well, I'm still hobbling about, but I stay sitting at my desk the majority of the time anyway. I hope I'm on the upswing of things now, and won't have another bad flare up like this ever again. My friend Nicole just sent me a clip of a SNL sketch with Robert DeNiro. The sketch was about terrorists that were reported by high school and college students. The names of these so-called terrorists were just a kill - "I Bin Pharteen" was one that stuck with me, and two of the lines was "We've tracked his scent" and "He's a silent but deadly killer" I do not now how Robert DeNiro kept a straight face through that sketch. I thought I'd bust up laughing. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard and my cube mate wondered if I'd taken too many pain pills. I've burned this sketch on a CD and am taking it home to watch it again! So damn funny! Well, that's all for now... thanks again everyone for your well wishes, I know they are behind me getting better!