Tuesday, February 18

I've had quite the day so far. I got up, took a pain pill (and ate a cereal bar), took a shower, barfed, attempted to go to work, as I was headed out the door, I got really dizzy so I set my stuff down, and went over by the kitchen table to sit down and next thing I knew, I was on the floor next to the table. I'd passed out. Could have been a bug, could have been not enough on my tummy for the pain pill, who knows. I called for my Mom, she helped me downstairs and I got back in bed for a while. Slept for about 2.5 hours. Then work called and a couple things had come up, and I was feeling better so I got up and came into work. As I was leaving the garage (picture this: I back my car into the garage and the other half next to my passenger side is full of my sister's furniture and shit) something fell behind me. I didn't think much of it, and just pushed the garage door shut and left. About 4 miles down the road, sitting at a stop light, a lady next to me honked her horn and told me I had something on my rear tire. I looked in my mirror and it appeared to be a hanger and a pair of pants! LMFAO! I got through the light and pulled over. There, I found not one, but FIVE pairs of pants. The main hanger was caught on the bolt of my mud flap and all the other hangers were attached to the main hanger. Mud splattered all over these pants, and one pair that was on the bottom had quite a bit of road rash! I'm guessing they are Ellis' dress pants. *snicker* Just then, my Dad called me on my cell and told me that I may be dragging something. I started to giggle. I explained that I was just unhooking the pants. I guess Ellis had gotten into something over the weekend and not done a very good job of putting it away or letting the clothes fall on my car (grrr). What a dork. I hope he didn't like the pants very well...... *snicker* I really can't stop giggling about it. Me thinks he's gonna have a shit fit, but its his own fault. Anyway - I'm here at work and doing OK so I'll stay the rest of the day. My boss is here since his trip back to Boston was cancelled due to the bad, bad, bad weather. He's been traveling since the first part of Feb and will be until the first week in March, so he definitely deserves a break. I walked into the building and was stopped by my group having a staff meeting. I'm glad I got here in time, it was to discuss the upcoming move. I just finished taking care of the things that came up, and now I need to start cleaning up my desk - looks like a tornado hit it. Hope everyone is having a great day!