Wednesday, February 5

Where have the past few days gone?! It seems like they've passed in a blurr because I've had so much going on. I know I've missed so much in everyone's blogs too, I hate it when I get behind! I should be able to get caught up this weekend. Tomorrow is my Friday - ! I'm going out with a couple of old friends for lunch to Fiesta Guadalarja - my FAV Mexican restaurant. Cha, cha, cha. I'm soooo craving Cheese Enchiladas! I'm tired of bland food - I want some chips, salsa and some cheese and that yummy sauce, I want rice, I want beans! I'll bring half of it home for lunch another day. That works. I had to get up in the middle of the night to take a pain pill cuz my joints hurt so bad. I felt quite a lot better by the time I woke up, but being that my head was fuzzy still, I didn't want to drive. It had also snowed then dropped 20 degrees below freezing, soooo I thought it best to stay put. I had my financial files at home with me anyway, so I worked here until my RA doc appt, then went into the office after that. Let's just say my RA doc was less than pleased with my joints, but given the hell of a month I had, he wasn't surprised. He was so not happy that the gastro doc gave me that Q stuff to help battle the stomach probs. It most likely did take all the RA meds out of my system, hence all the problems I'm having now... OR the other part could be that I'm having a flare of the different type of arthritis that comes with the ulcerative colitis. Its hard to say really. So anyway, I may have to be taken off the clinical trial because of the UC and treated with something else that could help both. That would be OK with me, as long as its not the $4000 per treatment drug. I know health is important - but when it puts me more in the poor house, then what do I do?! OK, enough about my health stuff! I got another reply from Bryan. In the e-mail I sent to him, I mentioned my new DVD player. He said that he'd gotten one for Xmas and hasn't hooked it up yet. Hmmm... is this a bad sign? Procrastinator of FUN stuff? That could be bad. Anyway, he said that he'd like to get some DVDs and come to my house and watch them with me. Hmmm... I dunno about that... the DVD player is in my bedroom. I'm sure he doesn't know that... and in another other circumstances (like if I were really attracted to him!) I'd say woohoo and cum on baby. But I just don't like him in that way. He's a sweet guy, but he doesn't project testosterone at all. Doesn't make my heart go boom boom and don't get a flutter in my tummy when I hear from him. Doesn't give me icky panties at the thought of just kissing him *snicker*. But, I told him I'd talk to him and see where it goes.