Wednesday, February 12

I had to stay home from work today. I am just in too much pain and figured there was no way I could even get dressed let alone drive to work. I'm taking pain pills (WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) that aren't doing so much for the pain, but making me sleepy and feeling goofy (goofier than normal, so you know its got to be pretty goofy). I'm staying in my recliner and going to watch movies and cat nap all day. I'll try and move around as much as I can to keep my joints moving so they'll hurt less. My parents went to Wyoming where my bro J Dee is having some back surgery. Its about a 2 hr drive, so they'll be gone most the day. J Dee has had a lot of problems with his lower back, he's got some cysts that they've drained several times and had other treatments but they're not working. The orthopedic surgeons around here tell him he needs that section of his back fused, and he's really too young to have to go to that extreme. So, he found a neuro surgeon in Wyoming and got his opinion. This doc is going to go in and clean out the cysts and do a few things and this should buy J Dee a few more years hopefully, before he has to have the fusing done. I sure hope this helps him - he's always in so much pain. Anyway, before Mom left, she came to check on me and said that Kathy had said that if I needed anything to let her know. Hmmm... shocker. Then just a few minutes ago, Kathy called me to tell me she was going out and asked if she could get me anything. Hmmm... I know I was awake so it couldn't have been a dream... not used to this Kathy. I hope its a sign of good changes, but I can't really bring myself to believe in it quite yet. I'm very leary of her because she turns on you in a snap. I should just appreciate the thought and leave it be. Here's a funny pic that Colin found that goes along with the other pic from yesterday.
Have a great Hump Day *snicker*!