Wednesday, February 19

My day and mood have much improved... dunno what my problem was earlier but it soon went away. I got a lot of work done, and then went to lunch with my good friend Linda. We went Mexican, so I was able to have cheese enchiladas, cha-cha-cha... no wonder my mood improved ;-) they always make me happy. I came back to the office, and then Shanae and I drove over to our "new" location to check out our work areas. They're definitely smaller cubicals, and I'll be in a 4-cubical space with Greg and the Timster. There's an extra cubical which Debi and I will share since she and I both need extra space. Debi will be diretly over the wall from me - she's such a sweetie. I'm going to be sad to leave this building and a few people behind. Linda, Nancy, Bri, Adrian, and sexy Joe and Russ will have to stay here. But I'm glad to leave that weird Mike guy behind and some other dorks *snicker*. Oooo! I have a meeting! Gotta run! I hope everyone is having a good Hump Day!