Tuesday, February 4

I watched my very first movie on my DVD last night - "A Walk to Remember". OMG - what a good movie! It looked like a total "teen" movie, but it was deeper than that. Such a great story and soooo sad. I cried big time at the end. I bought "Ice Age" last night too. I wanted to get "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" but will have to wait until Feb 11. I'll watch Ice Age after I get home from my test this afternoon. My friend Robin was singing me her scope song yesterday. "Karen is taking it down the throat, do dah, do dah... She cracks me up! Then I added another verse "She's already taken it up the butt, oh do dah day." *snicker* I'm working from home today, until I go in for my test, so I best get at it! I have my written report to do, then start on my financials. Have a great day everyone!