Friday, February 21

I'm so glad I didn't have to work today... UGH. I woke up about 2am in such pain, so I took a couple of pain pills and fell back asleep for a few hours in my recliner. Ashley the cuddle-muffin was right on my lap the whole time. I'm really moving slow today, not even going to do my cleaning. I've got a doc appt with my general doc this morning, so he can check my blood pressure since he cut my dosage in half 3 weeks ago. Then I've got a trip to the pharmacy and the grocery store. My Mom said she'd come with me for those so I'll come back and pick her up after my doc appt. I've got to sit here and pay bills since I didn't do it last night. Its always so depressing, paying bills ;-) The money goes way too fast. But at least I have the money for the bills! Have a great day, everyone!!!!!