Sunday, February 2

Bring on the spankings! LOL!! Once again I am overwhelmed!!! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! Its been a great day so far and has the makings for a terrific birthday... almost makes me forget I'm getting OLDER! I was so excited to get into my e-mail and see all the fun stuff waiting there for me. For the cards/gifts/calls - thank you to Colin, Emma and Pete, Kat, Sara, Jacky & Bob, Maria, Soul, Maggie, Ked, CJ, Mollie and Tenika!! Last night I was bad and opened the videos that Emma and Pete sent me. *snicker* I couldn't wait and wanted something to watch. They got me the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood and Kindergarten Cop. YAY! I watched both last night, and watched Ya Ya again this morning already. It was so nice to see Kindergarten Cop without all the commericals too, its been one of my fav movies but I've never been able to catch it on any channel but those with commericals. Favorite line from that movie from the cutest little kid, "Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina." It cracks me up everytime the kid says it.