Thursday, February 20

All together now... OUCH. I'm sitting here at work waiting for my pain pill to kick in. I stood in the shower this morning and had myself a good cry, mostly from the frustration of being in constant pain. I felt a lot better emotionally after the cry. I'm dragging ass, but I'm thankful I was able to make it into work. At least the pain has gotten a little better this week, so I can come to work. Thanks again to everyone for their concern and well wishes, you make it so much easier to get through the day. I think they're gonna start calling the way I walk the "Karen Shuffle" LOL!! I feel like such a goof, but I am a goof and that is something we all know. ;-) I got really irritated at a guy this morning while waiting to get through the gate. He had to merge in front of me then further down the way they opened another lane (which they should have done 20 minutes earlier in my opinion!) so he decided he would hold up traffic and merge back into the right lane. As I passed him, I called him a f*cking idiot and from the gasp on his face, he could read lips. See, that bitch in me slips out on occasion *snicker* I best get busy, have lots to do today. Happy Thursday everyone!!!!!!!!!!