Friday, February 21

The pharmacy just loves me. I spent $120 there today for 7 prescriptions. I guess its not so bad, since 4 of them had a $10 co-pay. Still - OUCH. I went to my doc appt and my blood pressure was really good, so he's keeping me on the lower dose. YAY. I also had him check my feet and ankles since they are soooooo swollen. I wanted to make sure it was all RA and not fluid retention. Well, its a combo of both so he's putting me on a water pill and potassium. He wants to see me again on Tuesday afternoon to see how I'm getting along. Being so swollen could be one of the reasons I'm in so much pain, so hopefully the water pills will help. I also had to start taking iron because my platelets were really low in my last blood test from my RA visit. I'm turning into a walking pharmacy. There are 3 prescriptions that I didn't even have filled today, those are for next pay day. Oh well, as long as these meds help. I'm going to start going through a mail service for my prescriptions to get a 90-day supply at a lower co-pay. The monthly pharmacy is just killing my budget. I got 4 written prescriptions from Dr M today, and I'll get the other written ones as I visit the other doctors. I think I'm off to bed... I hear it calling me. Now I wish there was a sexy guy in my bed calling me, now THAT would really make me feel better ;-) *snicker*