Friday, February 28

Its amazing how much better I feel, thanks to the prednisone - and no allergic reaction so far! . I'm so grateful for everyone's thoughts, healthy vibes and prayers - they have helped! I'm still not 100%, but it feels so good to be able to move without crying in pain. As I was getting out of bed and getting ready this morning, I thought of every little thing I'm thankful for being able to do without as much pain: Turning over in bed, getting out of bed, walking, going potty, petting my cat, getting undressed, showering, squeezing shampoo and bath gel bottles, drying off, getting dressed, squeezing toothpaste tube and brushing teeth, cleaning ears, combing hair, drying hair, curling hair, putting on make up, putting on my socks and shoes, walking up the stairs, fixing and eating breakfast, and driving my in car. That was all within 45 minutes. The little things we all take for grantid. Its amazing. I came into work this morning and started packing. Most everyone is moved now, and I was behind. I had a couple of people offer to help me on Monday, but since I came in today, I just did it. Its a "down Friday" so very few people are even here. I took it slow and easy, and have now finished the packing. All that is left to do is tear down my PCs and move the rest of my things. That will certainly be done on Monday by the guys who are helping me. Then, the fun part... setting everything back up and unpacking. I'll just take a bit at a time though - there's no rush in unpacking a lot of it. I have to work for about another hour, then I'm off to my gastro doc to find out what more he can do to help with the ulcerative colitis. The one med is helping, but hasn't completely. Then I'm going home to crash. I do have some errands to run, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow. Mom said she'd go with me to make sure I behaved. *snicker* good luck on getting me to behave now that I'm starting to feel better. I've got lots of trouble to cause to make up for all the time I've been sick. I'll get around to visit all of you soon - I really have missed reading and saying hello to everyone!