Monday, February 10

First off - I want to announce that my good buddy Colin has returned from his trip to New Mexico! YAHOOO! Welcome back, I sure missed you! I'm feeling quite popular today at work so far. I came into work to find 45 e-mails in my inbox. All of them work related ;-) One dork wrote and asked me if I could help his son (who is an excelled student that wants to help with engineering in the world of defense when he grows up) get a job. Ummm... well. NO. We're not the gov't personnel dept., sorry. I was nice and wrote him back a very polite note. I guess I'm the lucky one who gets these dumb questions because my name and e-mail is on our main website and it does say "for all other questions, please contact" but I think some people are just too dumb to realize the "other questions" mean "other valid questions about our organization". I've got lots to do today, but am not totally swamped so that's a nice feeling for a Monday. Have a great day everyone!