Tuesday, February 11

This morning, I was off to a bad start. I'd had a bad night because both my shoulders flared and I was in a lot of pain. I made myself get up and come to work - cussing and being ornery beyond belief. I get into work and had some trouble with the color printer - which turned out to be PowerPoint problem, not the printer. After fighting with it for 45 mins, I converted the file to PDF and voila - it worked fine. Then I checked my e-mail and got an message from Maria. After a few sweet words from her, I had tears in my eyes and my whole attitude changed in an instant. Maria is an incredibly sweet lady - if you don't know her, go and read her blog. She's so strong and stays incredibly positive about life and challenges. I will get through my day now. I may be in pain, but there's a lot of positive things in my life and I need to concentrate on those and let the pain run its course. I just want to add that I have so many supportive people in my life and I thank you all. You all make life easier to deal with and a lot more fun! On a totally different subject... this is something that really made me laugh... woohoo! I'm surprised the snow isn't melting.
Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!