Thursday, February 27

I'm back. Yesterday was such a horrid day. I don't think I have ever experienced such pain. Every joint in my body had me screaming in pain. My hands were so bad I could barely type. I called my doc and I spent two hours in his office yesterday afternoon, with him trying to figure out what was best for me. He's pretty sure - from my flare - that I am indeed on placebo on this clinical trial I'm on (the other slim possibility is that I'm not responding). So he's trying to get me on what's called open label so I can still be on the trial, but know for certain I'm getting the real med. He's also put me on prednisone, a very low dose since I've had a reaction to it and cortizone before. He wants to make sure it is indeed the prednisone that I was having the reaction to and not just the cortizone, since having reactions to prednisone is highly rare. He's also put me on the anti-inflammatory Bextra 4 pills a day (base RX is one!). If I don't see any improvment in the next couple of days then I'm going off the trial completely and going with the Remecade (which is $4000 per treatment!). Its so expensive to get healthy! On the upside, if I do go on the Remecade, it should help my ulcerative colitis as well! But, we'll see. One thing I do know, is that I cannot go on like this. Michelle sent me a really nice card - thanks Michelle! And thank you to everyone who left comments. I can't tell you how much each one means. Thanks to Colin who put up a t-shirt for me today, that totally cracked me up! I think I'll stay home today, and work from home as I can. I've got some slides that I need to reformat so it should keep me busy and I can work on them the next couple of days if I need to. As long as they're done by Monday. Have a great Thursday everyone! :-)