Friday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm soooooooooo glad its Friday! Woohoo! Monday is a holiday so a 4-day weekend! Taking things nice and slow this morning, still in quite a bit of pain, but each day is getting better. I've got to do some cleaning, run a couple quick errands, go to the dentist, then if I'm still alive by then, I'll take Mom to lunch, then go to Sam's Club to get a few things. My State tax refund arrived yesterday, so I told Mom I'd buy some groceries to help her out. Its such a drain on Mom and Dad having Kathy and Ellis here, they eat like pigs. They do get food stamps, but they buy outrageous things so the money doesn't last very long - maybe a week at the most. So Mom ends up feeding them for the other 3 weeks of the month. My Mom totally cracked me up the other day. She got home from seeing to J Dee's surgery and came downstairs to check on me. She was giggling. I asked her what she was giggling about and she told me that Ellis was upstairs and could hardly stand up because he had hemorhhoids so bad. So we both started giggling! She's usually so sympathetic so it was great to see her laughing at the pain-in-the-ass named Ellis. I had fantasies of telling him the pain in his ass is what he puts us through every day... but alas, it was just a fantasy. I don't even acknowledge the man. Later that day I went upstairs to get some ice water and he was walking through the kitchen (in pain!) and I started giggling again, and Mom gave me a wink. I must be off now... gotta get this stiff body of mine moving. Have a great Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!