Saturday, February 1

I decided to go to a movie with Mom and do a little shopping with my gift certifcates. Dad was supposed to come too, but my lovely sister Kathy was supposed to be home by 10am so SHE could take care of HER daughter. Well, 11:30 came and she still wasn't home, so Dad opted to stay home and tend the baby while Mom and I went to the movie. We went to see Evelyn with Pierce Brosnan and Aidan Quinn (both yummmmy!). It was a true story about a Irish man who's wife left him with 3 children, and he was without a job so the Church and State of Ireland took the children away from him, and his fight to get them back. What a tear jerker at times, but such a good movie. After the movie, we called Dad to see if he wanted to go shopping, but alas Kathy still not home. So Mom and I went to one of her fav book stores then we went to the mall for me. I got a pair of shoes as an addition to whatever else Mom and Dad are getting me, then with my gift certificates, I got some lovely shower gel and lotions from Victoria's Secret and two sweaters with my other GC from Christopher & Banks. YAY! Then I got home and had a package from Ked with a really pretty picture/saying that is purple. Its soooo pretty and I love it! I called her and thanked her and we chatted for a bit. I'm pooped right out though now that I'm home! I'm in for the night! LOL!! Such a party girl these days... I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks for all the b-day wishes!!! The plan for tomorrow is to veg out as much as possible before all the family comes over for dinner and cheesecake. Mom is making me a cheesecake! Yuuuuummmm. I can't wait! She's making it plain, then we'll drizzle carmel over it. Oh, I will be in heaven for sure. I don't say this enough - I've got the best parents in the world!