Friday, February 14

I had a pretty good day. I started off by getting my cleaning done (nothing too major though) and then took a small cat nap before showering and heading off to run my errands and go to the dentist. When I was at the dentist, I saw Kelly one of the hygientists I used to work with. My usual hygientist Annette just had a baby (YAY). It was so great to see Kelly - she's so great. Anyway, as I opened my mouth she commented on how beautiful my mouth and smile was. She said "Its not fair that Annette hogs you all to herself." LOL! I told her I didn't want anyone fighting over me and she said "I'm going to fight her on this." So I said they can share me! I'll see Annette next time, and the Kelly the time after that. Made me feel really good! I've had so much work done in the past - of course I take good care of my mouth! I passed 100% on my flossing (no bleeding when probed) and I think this is the 8th time in a row for that, I should get a prize I think! Anyway, I have a tooth that's been bothering me, sensitive to heat. This means nerve problems. Its been going on for about 3 weeks now, so I had them take an x-ray of it. It happens to be a tooth that I've already had a root canal done back in 1986! Looong time ago. The x-ray looked fine. Its not pressure sensitive, not keeping me up at night, etc., just shoots pain when I eat something hot or warm. I was talking to the dentist about what it could be, and we decided this was probably linked to my RA. The tooth started bugging me about 3 weeks ago, when the bad flare ups started and my jaw has flared right by the tooth. So, we're going to watch it for now. Its so crazy all the stuff that can go on with RA and when your immune system is wacked. I came home, picked Mom up and we went to lunch, both of us were craving Mexican so of course we both had cheese enchiladas, cha, cha, cha. Then we headed for Sams where I spent a lot of money, but was able to get quite a bit. Both of us were pretty done in by the time we got home. I'm pretty tired now, but feeling pretty good. I'm going to watch Coupling and then one of my new DVDs that I bought. Can't decide between Sweet Home Alabama and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Decisions, decisions.