Tuesday, July 16

This or That subject: Vacation (my trip to England!!) 1. Rented lodgings, or staying with friends/relatives? Stayed with lovely friends :-) 2. Lots of activities, or just lying around doing nothing? On the go - LOTS of activities. Loved every minute of it... except for the trains. 3. Blogging while on vacation...yes or no? Yes, I blogged a little, not much though. 4. If you have children and/or pets...bring them along or make other arrangements? Parents took care of my cat. 5. Do you cook while away on vacation, or eat out every day? Both. Every day was different. 6. Do you pack light and plan to do laundry while away, or overpack and wash everything when you get home? I packed lots, did a little laundry while I was away. 7. Drive to your vacation spot, or take some kind of public transportation? Plane, trains, automobiles and a double decker bus. 8. If you have a cell phone...on or off while away? Take my cell to England?! Ummm.. no, left it home. 9. Bring work along or not? I had to check my work e-mail a couple times a day. 10. Returning home with more stuff than you originally took with you...yes or no? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My very large suitcase was a topic of conversation.