Thursday, July 25

Reasons to be cheerful: 1) Its Thursday - my weekend is about to begin. 2) The garbage crew has picked up my stinky garbage. I'm having a yawn fest here at work this afternoon. I guess I'm just too damn effecient for words I finished my monthly status report and financials, way ahead of schedule. The report just has to be reviewed by one more dude, so I can deliver it on Monday. Got my database stuff done, travel done, all the other things that I do during the day. My inbox is empty. Wow, empty. I'm toying with the idea of taking a couple of hours of leave and going home. Can't quite make myself decide - too busy yawning and trying to make this post be coherent. My left wrist and hand are bothering me, so I really should go home and put some ice on. Sigh. I had a great visit with my friend Carol yesterday. I think we visited for 3.5 hours, but seemed like 20 minutes. Her and her Mom were amazed at how I looked, really made me feel good. All this hard work is finally paying off. Still got a ways to go though...I'll get there eventually.