Wednesday, July 24

HumpDayHump ActIII. Scene IV: *We are sitting in Starbucks drinking some wonderful coffee (or drink of your choice) catching up on us, the world, the news, and everyone else's business.* Fill in your blanks on your blog or in the comments. *Quiet on the set!* ACTION! Me: I can't believe it has been a week since we have chatted! I am so glad Bob would watch the kids so I could come and have some down time! Speaking of kids, can you believe the news lately? I am shocked by the abductions and crimes against children that we are seeing lately. What do you think about them? You: They are so awful, breaks my heart and sickens me to think that people can hurt innocent kids. As if we don't have enough to worry about from terrorists. The world seems to be going to hell more every day. Me: It has really had an effect on me. I won't let my two kids out in our front yard anymore without me right there. I used to let them out in the front yard while I did chores in the house like we did when I was a kid. Not any more. They can only go out in our fenced backyard. I also am double checking the locks on our privacy fence in the back. Do you think parents have to be extra cautious these days? How far would you go to be cautious in this day and age? You: Absolutely, parents need to be more cautious! If I had kids, I'd make sure they knew not to talk to strangers and make sure they were with someone trustworthy every minute they were away from me. But then again, how do you really know that someone is 100% trustworthy? Me: I can't imagine what would drive a person to molest a five-year old. This sickens me to no end. What should we do to that type of criminal? You: They should suffer the same indignities, same terror, same horror, then be castrated (or the equality if its a woman doing the molesting),then locked away for the rest of their lives in a dark hole. Their rights should be taken away, just like the took the innocent child's rights away. Me: I heard the suspect in Samantha Runnion's case was arrested on Monday. His mother spoke out on several news shows saying she had no idea he would be capable of something such as that but was preparing herself for the worst. What would you do if you found out someone close to you (relative, spouse, neighbor) was a child molester? How would you feel? You: I'd want to believe they couldn't do such a thing, but face it, there could be a molester in anyone's family. It can even be in the form of incest. You'd be surprised just how many families have this type of situation. Mind boggling and sickening. Me: Oh by the way, did you catch the season premiere of Sex In The City? I Totally missed it! What happened (if you did see it)?!? You: I can't believe I missed it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who esle do we know that watches it?? Me: I have got to pee from all that coffee! You gotta go too or are you gonna hang here at the table? You: Nah, I'm gonna hang here... I want to check out that guy in the corner. Me: *After returning from the bathroom* Whew! Much better! What should we do now? You: I don't know, but now I gotta pee! CUT!!