Saturday, July 27

I've had quite a lot on my mind today. I've been talking to a guy from Salt Lake, that is quite nice for the past couple of weeks but haven't met yet. We talked for about 45 minutes on the phone last night. Then this morning I got an e-mail from him asking if I was busy on Sunday. AAARGGHH! I know its not easy to ask another person out, and I know I need to take this big step. I've been in my safe little world long enough... so I said yes. (biting my nails!!) I feel like a damned teenager going out on my first date. Why is it so hard getting back out there?! He called me this afternoon and we set up a time and place to meet for a movie tomorrow afternoon. He said he thought that I would say I was busy again, and I told him "No, I'm not busy tomorrow, but I am very nervous!!" He laughed and said he was too. I'm already getting butterflies! We're going to see Austin Powers (Woohoo!). Now I can hear some of the things I missed yesterday when I was laughing so hard. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!