Sunday, July 28

The Butterflies are still fluttering, but not as bad as last night. I'm looking forward to meeting Bryan, actually... I dreamt about it all night, but since I haven't seen a picture, there were about 10 different guys that looked like he described himself. One guy left for a minute then came back as a different guy! LOL! Dreams are great, aren't they?? I got up early, did laundry, worked out, washed my car, showered, played with my soon-to-be webpage a bit (Colin - I think I'm gonna need your help!). Can you believe that anyone would want to be so ambitious on a Sunday morning? Now I'm about to go bask in the sun for a little while before I get ready to go meet Bryan... oooo... wobbly knees! There are some fantastic people in this world who are very supportive and always leaving little messages of encouragement here and I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. YOU ALL ROCK!! *HUGS*