Wednesday, July 24

Happy Pioneer Day, Utah! Over 150 years ago is when the Pioneers came to Utah. It’s a “State” holiday but for us who work for a national corporation, its not a paid holiday so, I’m working. I don’t mind really, not much to do anyway. I got a call from my childhood friend Carol yesterday! She’s staying at her parent’s house (just round the corner from where I used to live) for the week and asked if we could get together and catch up. So, I’m leaving early this afternoon to go visit her. Her Mom wanted to see me as well, which will be great because she was like my second Mom growing up. Carol and I were practically inseparable growing up. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve gotten away from thinking of a “reason to be cheerful” for a while, and need to get back to doing it again. I need to keep looking at positive things to keep my spirits up, as we all do, right!? Anyway… yesterday’s reason to be cheerful was: peanut butter. My friend Linda and I stopped off at Jamba Juice for a Peanut Butter Moo’d (with no chocolate) and I was in heaven… and I’ve also discovered that besides being totally delicious, the peanut butter has other effects on me as well… unless it’s the combination of peanut butter and the full moon, not sure. Linda and I had such a great time yesterday, chatted and laughed so much. Everything we could have possible taken as naughty, we did. Poor Adrian got picked on, although we were asking questions seriously, things we’ve always wondered about what its like having tackle. He put his hands up to his ears, shut his eyes, and started saying “La, la, la, la, la” I wonder if he didn’t want to hear anymore. Hmmmm… Was a good afternoon. We also came up with a new game idea, “Name that Crotch.” The idea behind the game is to see if we can recognize a buy by his crotch instead of his face. LOL!! We’re so bad – its so fun though! Speaking of the full moon, no wonder I have had such strange dreams lately. The moon this morning/last night was incredible. There’s something so mysterious and alluring about the moon. My reason to be cheerful today: Hash Browns. Sounds funny, I know, but I had a yucky tummy today (from my RA meds that I take on Tuesday nights) and Hash Browns have saved the day. My tummy feels much better. I call Wednesdays: Woozy Wednesdays. My head feels like it does on Nyquil, but not quite so fun. Just woozy. My doc increased my meds again last week, so it takes a few weeks to adjust to the increase. It will get better though… it will.