Tuesday, July 23

I felt so bad this morning... I had my Obsession lotion in my hand, upside down and was putting some in my hand, then zing! It slipped out of my hand and went flying. Hit my cat right on the head! Poor thing! Good thing the bottle was almost empty. There she was sitting there eating, minding her own business and she gets konked on the head with a flying lotion bottle! I petted her and tried to make up for it, gave her an extra kitty treat. She seemed to love me again when I left. That reminds me of another time when she got hurt through my own stupidity (and a little of hers). A few years ago, I was in my bedroom going through my closet and putting things in a cedar chest. The top of the chest was open, but the hinges weren't locked. Ashley, being the little curious kitty that she is, was standing up on her hind legs, with her front paws on the cedar chest peeking in to see what was in there. All of the sudden, I hear a SLAM and then a scream like I've never heard before. The top of the chest had come down and one of her paws was stuck. I climbed over her, opened the top and she took off running. I went after her and she was hiding behind the couch in the other room. I was in tears. I couldn't imagine how bad she must have been injured. I pulled out the couch and got to her, she was crouched and her eyes were huge. I slowly got to her and grabbed her, she was shaking and so was I. By then my Mom came downstairs to see what was wrong (she actually thought it was ME that screamed, not my cat!) There I was, holding Ashley crying. I felt so awful! I took her to the Vet (more trauma!!!) They took an X-ray and thank God, nothing was broken. We figure there was enough of a gap between the lip of the lid and the top of the chest so just her claw was stuck. Tuesday Too! 1.) Do you think pornography is dangerous? Why, or why not? It depends on how its used. If its used in your own home, and doesn't involve children and isn't sick then its OK. Its when it goes beyond that, that I think its dangerous. 2.) What do you think about people being held in jail without charges, without access to a lawyer, or a phone call for an indeterminate period of time? No matter what I think, its totally against their rights. 3.) How do you feel about this US program? I actually haven't heard of this "program". There are some criminals that really deserve this treatment, but in the system, wouldn't the charges be dropped since their rights were violated?