Sunday, July 28

I did it :-) I met Bryan. He's soooo nice! He's pretty cute, brown curly hair, a gotee and has really nice brown eyes. (Tried to check out his ass, but... his shorts were kind of baggy and so the front was just as hard, I mean difficult to check out *snicker*) I am so glad I met him and I felt pretty relaxed and comfy with him. We met at the mall (where the movie was playing) and he recognized me right away and didn't run away screaming so I figure that was a good start. tee hee We sat down in the movie and talked for about 10 minutes before the movie started. He said he really liked the movie, and I'm glad I could see it a second time because I did miss some of it the first time. Then we walked the mall a bit, and chatted about this and that, then he asked me if I wanted to grab some dinner, so I said yes. We went to Chili's and talked about our jobs and families, etc., the usual safe "first date subjects". Then he drove me back to my car at the mall. He asked if we could do something again and I told him I'd really like that (and I meant it!). It was so sweet of him to drive an hour just to meet me and take me out! So, we'll see what happens now!